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   The SoulBus is one of the rare Fageol vans made in Ohio from 1952 to 1954 built on an L-160 International Harvester truck chassis. They only produced around 200 or so as far as i know and this one is serial number 13 made in 1952. I used to have another one that accidentally got crushed (long story)
    My father sold this truck brand new back in 52 and the fellow that bought it ran it delivering deep freezers until he blew the engine. My dad then rebuilt the engine and never got paid for it so he parked it on his back lot where I would play in it when I was a little grubby junkyard kid. When I was 17 years old or so I bought it off of my dad, fixed it up and a few years later loaded it up with my belongings and moved to Maine to be a hippie homesteader, somewhat like the Beverly Hillbillies.  Due to some unfortunate circumstances and the tyranny of the immediate It then languished in my door yard for 38 years until I resurrected it over the last 2 summers to transform it into the SOULBUS. It is BoomBangTwang's self contained traveling stage and tour bus. It runs like a top as it only has about 3 thousand miles on the engine rebuilt back in 58 or so. I went through every nut and bolt on this thing and it's wicked sharp.
  Wouldn't it be just spectacular to have the SOULBUS at your event or campground. Here is the info
  The SOULBUS is all equipped for BBT to travel to a gig and be comfortable before and after with all our gear and stage tucked on board. Comfortable by our standards anyways. Porta potty, wood stove and water from a jug.
 Here is a pic of the stage pulled out and us ready to rock as we already have rolled to get to the location. That is Me Twang on the left with Scott (boom) on the right with Mike Topich, our former drummer, back there in the shadows. We love this thing and we are sure you will too if you have us roll into your place and sing about the "ROCK"

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