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                 Matt Tedesco


Matt is obviously the only cool member of BBT
BoomBangTwang is proud to announce the newest member of the band even though he has been around since our inception. Matt is Scott's only son and we have been trying to get him to play with us for 4 years. He has heard his dad play our songs incessantly over that period of time so it is a perfect match. He finally has listened to the voices of reason from his older generation and will be taking the throne behind the skins. We know he and Scott can lock into each other as a tight rhythm section as they have played together in a worship team before, have jammed for years and Hey! they share the same DNA.
    WE are really happy to have some young blood in our midst to demonstrate that we still have a modicum of relevance to a younger generation even though Scott and Doug basically are about 12 years old mentally and maturely.