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Hello would be BBT fans.   I am Scott Tedesco,  bass player (Boom),  for Boombangtwang. Or as I will say in the local  TV ad  when we become a household name, " I'm the BOOM in Boombangtwang".   I started my musical career at the impressionable age of 13 years old when my Dad bought me my first drum kit for Christmas in the year 1974.   Alas my friends, I digress, .......How I got here is a story for another day.  What I want any of you would be fans to understand is why I am here. 

      I believe that the world is headed for some very bad times.  Even more alarming is that I also believe that our beautiful country will not be excluded from the madness that lies ahead.  I am a Christian.  I feel at this point in my life that BBT has an important purpose and  I quite intend to see it fulfilled.  People will come to rely upon God more and more in the  near future because God is all that many of them will have.  BBT will actively seek out venues where there will not be just Christians but people who just need to be Christians too.  Our goal, in short, is to reach the people who haven't even been reached yet, not just the fish already in the net...we want the ones that got away.

      Now, lets chat about what you can expect from me.  I don't write this stuff so if you just don't like a particular song......well, anyway I try to make the bass parts kind of interesting and not too complicated for two reasons....number one.......I'm like being efficient in my note choices. and number two......I'm no virtuoso.  I can play OK but in the end its much more convenient for me to believe that the music is just a nice vehicle through which we can deliver the message.  Too much with the music and the message is over- shadowed.  That's part of the reason that we are a three piece band, that and because we just can't seem to find any other worthy members.  I'm kidding, of course. Everyone knows that there ARE no other worthy members, unless of course you are a vocal genius and you play the sax like that E-Street guy, Clarence Clemmons.....where was I?  Oh yes,  as I was saying,  Bang and me (boom) try to hold a nice rhythm/beat thing rolling behind Twang as he basically performs his songs and we do a pretty good job of it.  I have  been a boomin' for many years and Matt's been  a bangin' a long time too, plus I been a bangin' now for over a decade and the boomin' just seemed to come real natural from the bangin' and we do alright.  Our sound is very groove laden and soulful and the words are clearly understood.  The ambiance of our show is upbeat though not always as the message may make you stop and contemplate.

    I find that my best friend ever, Doug Nye, (or in the parlance of music salesmanship.......twang, the illustrious "twang" in Boombangtwang ), is a most prolific writer of songs.  His messages are clear and real.  BBT songs tend not to be billowy and airy.  They are more dense and scary.  I like to think of our style as one that's neither eclectic nor random,  and not at all predictable.  Yet, every song is different and the genres that are brought to mind as the show goes on are many.  I am proud of the music that we produce.  I feel that it has an importance not yet realized by either us as a band nor by the people to who's hearts we hope to be able to speak.  If you're searching for something and you are not sure what it is......come see a Boombangtwang performance and that just might be just what you need to figure it out.  As I mentioned earlier,  BBT songs speak of the fallen nature of man and of things real that we as people deal with on a daily basis.  The world is not going to end people,  that's the scary part, we are going to have to survive.  I am pretty sure there is only one good way to do it, and that's with God's help.

SCOTT  has often also been the BANG in BBT so he is capable of both positions and that has been an asset in keeping BBT as a working entity.

   Our former bass player- Impersonal, one dimensional, cold, calculating with annoyingly predictable bass lines. We scrapped him/it and got $112 from the junkyard for his carcass .