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In the year 2025 if Man is still alive He'll be groovin' to BoomBangTwang! That's our goal and it's no jive...

BoomBangTwang is out'a the gate and running.
We are a grizzly gang of three sinners saved by grace trying to meld our musical styles into something that will both entertain and challenge believers and "heathens" alike. You may or may not know which you are. Maybe we can help.

     Being former heathens, as we all are at one point, and  being aligned with the dreaded  Christian, fundamentalist ilk we take the stand that you either LIKE OUR MUSIC OR ELSE.  "Or else what" you may quip. Not quite sure on that one.
You can probably hate us and still get into heaven but you'de have more fun if you listened to our music.     
   So in crusader like fashion we trod onward attempting  to establish something fresh in both the Christian and secular world  " Hickhop,funkabilly, Christian swa
mp rock". A little of dis and a little of dat. All original edgy tunes with refreshingly challenging lyrics.

SOooo..  BBT will  presently  be  doing some booming, banging, twanging with lotsa sanging  of all original tunes. "You boom, bang & twang that dang thang " she sang as the geetahr rang while picking to beat the devil.

There is much debate in Intellectual circles over the question of an "old earth  "versus a more recently created "new earth".One fact does remain and that is that one third of the people in BBT are nearly as old as the earth itself. Despite this glaring hadicap they maintain the ability to continually pump out song after song of vibrantly vital, original,truth filled, catchy tunes.